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  • Molly Karam was born in August 1985 making her 29 years old at the time of this writing
  • Molly is half Albanian and half middle eastern
  • It is not well know who Molly is dating at this time


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Molly Qerim Early life

Born in New Haven, CT, Molly attended courses at the University of Connecticut and she has managed to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in communications. However, it seems she had a knack for journalism, fact that was proven by her pursuance of a Master’s degree that she obtained in broadcast journalism from the Quinnipiac University.


It seems that only last year (2012) Molly decided to take the plunge and join the NFL network (working as an anchor) and soon enough she was noticed by her audience and her popularity increased quite a lot. Not only that, but she also has a contract with the CBS Sports Network since 2010. Some of the main areas she covers include The US Open, the NCAA Tournament, National Signing Day and college football. Molly Qerim likes to be involved in as many areas as she is confident she can handle with ease and that is why she also chose to contribute to the UFC coverage of FUEL TV.

Because she was the one responsible for covering the sport ever since 2007 with VERSUS and ESPN, she became pioneer in the broadcast industry, gaining a lot of popularity that would catapult her to higher peaks in her career. This can also be backed up by the fact that the Mixed Martial Arts Awards have been co-hosted by her since 2011.

Taking a closer look at her past, in 2008 Molly appeared in the College Football Live as an interactive host, program that aired on ESPN2 and ESPN. Later one she also worked as a reporter for the breaking news for ESPN2′s Fantasy Football Now and because she managed to do an exceptional job, she was nominated for an Emmy which she also won. She continued to co-host shows like the Campus Connection of ESPNU to furthermore improve her portfolio and expand her career skills.

Molly Qerim is a very dedicated and involved reporter who had a massive influence on the world of sports in the last 5 years, taking interviews to different celebrities and athletes for ESPN Mobile and She managed to provide onsite interviews and reporting extremely well when she chose to cover the Heisman Trophy presentation, the Super Bowl and many other important sport events.

Pausing for a second and taking a closer look at Molly Qerim’s career, it’s easy to spot a very dedicated woman who has a passion for sports and dedicates her entire energy into making sure that any events from the world of sports is covered properly and that viewers will get the freshest and the most up to date information on their favorite sports and athletes without missing anything. Even though she has such a great record behind her, this doesn’t stop her from doing what she loves most and that is being in the middle of all important sporting events and covering them with her amazing reporting talent.

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